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Im the Artifact
Mr. Left Behind
In 1000 years scientists will find this
And try to read my mind
Try to analyize what its like living in my time
They'll over emphasize the importance of my rhymes
They'll never understand that Mr. Left Behind
Was there cause he's got nothing better to do
Theres nothing better than you

A day at the races
With unfamilliar faces sounds fine
But Ive bet on a dead horse
And beating a living jockey
Right in front of the finish line
So sadle up
The bride's wearing a bridal
And the groom's holding a broom
Sweaping secrets under the rug, saying "I do"
When all he really wants is the honeymoon hotel room

Its the last leg, the Kentucky Derby
The victory looks all set
For another year that rider will be the best
But wait, on the outside
Mr. Left Behind's coming up fast from the rear
Getting closer, they're neck and neck
Its gonna be a photo finish
So hold your reath and trophy
And wait for Paul Revere

They're coming! they're coming!
The redcoats, the British
Its time for revolution
Yes thats it
America is the solution
One if by force
Two if by seige
And three to avert your attention
With help from NBC

Im the last remaining Artifact
The voice of disent
The personification of doubt and regret
Im getting cynical, angery, violent
In the sand Ive drawn a line
And if you take one more step I swear Im gonna...
Nevermind, Im just Mr. Left Behind
Personally I think this is one of my best pieces, then again, I wrote it only yesterday so I cant be objective. Mr. Left Behind is the other me, my alter ego. The Xual Zan to my Sage, The Slim Shady to my Marshal Mathers. AUUUGH I just compared myself to Eminem, excuse me while I wash my head out with bleach.
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happybeingunhappy Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2005
The last of this.:!:. you are just about to make your final statement, which, my guess would have been the most important line of the poem simply because you would have shut the door. But I love how you say 'fuck it' because really what does it matter. A "left behind" has nothing to say. . . at least nothing that would be considered important. . hmm. . . ironic, in a way.
Art-i-Fact Featured By Owner May 2, 2005   Writer
Yeah that was my primary motivation for ending it the way I did. But I also kinda hit a wall in the thought process cause everything I came up with to end it did not seem a worthy revenge. But it dawned on me that I wouldnt take any revenge, and its about me so... ya know. Sure Ill talk about fucking people's day up but i dont have the motivation to actually do it, so thats kinda where the end came from. Thanks again. Ill keep an eye on your work, keep it up. Cheers.
BigAce Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005
dang that is nice. crappers .u did well cool
VPDesigns Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2005   Interface Designer
nice poem I like it alot =]
chibiph3 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2005
very nicely written - i especially love how placid and level the ending seems.
good job =]
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